Breakdown & Walkthrough of using the Skew Templates

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Firstly make sure you have read this thread on navigating the Bazar:

Once you have read that you will have access to where to find my templates:

Skew Basic

The idea was to combine commonly used systems for familiarity as well to keep trends as clear as possible on any timeframe.


In this template, I bring edge & market flow into trend-following moving averages

Let's break this down into core components:

Cumulative Liquidation Delta

The indicator at the top of the basic templates are called CLD (Cumulative Liquidation Delta)

This is important for noting areas of offside positions being forced out of the market.

Great location to take profits & hedge.

Red bars = Long liquidations
Green bars = Short Liquidations

Buy vs Sell volume

This indicator will show you per every candle if there is buying pressure or selling pressure and an increase or decrease to note areas of passive orders.

Price then makes Lower Low, however, selling volume in the lower low is not indicating continuation. (absorption)

Cumulative Volume Delta (CVDs)

CVDs are useful for identifying trend before structure represents the same indications.

In other words great tool to see how market participants react to certain price areas and news events.

Volume Extreme (Filtered Volume)

Volume Extreme highlights large volumetric moves in the market based of a specific period length (example: previous 50 candles)

The purpose is to take advantage of the liquidity for mean reversion trades or trend shifts/confirmations on any timeframe.

Use with confirmation of other indicators such as:


Volume trend confirmations with EMAs (1H)

Skew Vanilla

Bybit Vanilla

These Templates are more revised for the best signals with the confluence of Skew Premium or Skew Basic.

For example:
Basic EMA & Bybit Vanilla

I developed these to be more systematic based & easy to integrate with Order flow systems like exocharts traders/Sierra, Moving Average traders & so forth.

Alike to Skew basic they include:

Each Template is fitted with a Perp CVD and the reference spot exchange (coinbase):

Bybit Vanilla

Each Vanilla template plots the according CVDs inline with candlesticks for clean observation of the market & how each perp & spot CVD react to current market price.


Delta line a measurement for divergences against price for:

Example of hidden spot CVD & Delta divergences

Buy vs Sell flow indicator

This indicator is often used as confluence with the Delta line for reversion trades and good areas to hedge.

Divergences shown above signify opportunities if supported by CVDs to go long at the point of seller climax & Volume supported absorption

Example with CVD, Delta & Buy vs sell Divergences at seller climaxes

Can also be used on HTF to identify distributive patterns and accumulation on drawdowns

Example of 4H divergences

Then combining all indicators knowing that the market tends to move in the direction of the most favorable liquidity & liquidations

Confirmation Divergences seen in:

Skew Premium

These templates are where you can easily see how the market is reacting to price action and when OTC or Institutional money exits/enters the market

BTC Market Screener

These are used to see exactly what exchange drives price & who’s offside in the market (overexposed or covering)

BTC Perp vs Spot Premiums + Market CVDs

With this template, you can identify clean trends & flow. When Perps beginning shorting lows and chasing highs into spot Market Makers

Premium = red (perps trading above spot price)
Discount = green (perps trading lower than spot price)

BTC Compact

One of my older creations to combine all portions of the market, more now for users to become familiar with the concepts of tools I use like CVDs & Delta.

As well as getting familiar with KF Liquidation maps; which you can add in later with any template.

Main Chart with Volume delta
Volume plotted by the ratio between buyers and sellers:

3 Tape panels:

Used to see who is buying or selling and understanding the start of volatility & absorption around psychological prices.

Liquidation and spread panel :
learning how market chases positions out and then reverts against price.
(Green =Short liquidations, Purple = Long liquidations)
Spread the white dotted line indicates spread increase aka imbalance between buys & asks in a move.

When it’s close together volatility probability increases significantly:

CVDs Panel:

The cumulative position (CVDs) and trend bias of each market are compared with the current price.

Who is buying or selling and how does this impacts price or if absorption is clear by passive orders. (in reference to tape panels and Liquidations panel)

Find these templates at:

Those will soon be available on

To get started on, check out the guide.
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