The Kingfisher’s Liq Maps fundamentals


Traders on unregulated exotic derivatives exchanges expose themselves to additional risk. The Liquidation risk.

The Kingfisher Liq Maps

The Kingfisher is the only service showing you areas where a high density of liquidations will take place.

How to read the liquidations maps

The Kingfisher’s Liquidation Maps (aka. liq maps) offer a global view of the Futures crypto markets’ participants' liquidations. It only shows upcoming liquidations, based on previous price action.

What do the axis represent?

The X-axis represents the asset’s price, while the Y-axis shows the relative strength of the liquidations.

  • Horizontal green: High leverage liq maps
  • Horizontal orange: All leverages liq maps
  • Horizontal blue: Medium leverages liq maps
  • The price action tends to be attracted to clusters of denser liquidations
  • Liquidations tend to mark local tops and bottoms



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